Manufacture of metal structures

Our capacities

Production of building metal structures is one of the activities of RMF "Karpaty". RMF "Karpaty" specializes in the manufacture of structures for industrial and civil construction, bridge metal structures, non-standard metal structures, such as bunkers, funnels, silos for storage of bulk materials.

Metal constructions of RMF "Karpaty" always receive good responses from customers and installers thanks to invariably high quality of manufacturing, fine convergence and ease of installation, excellent appearance.

Quality certificates

The plant is certified in accordance with European standards EN 1090-2 "Technical requirements for steel structures" and ISO 3834-2 "Requirements for the quality of fusion welding of metallic materials". Due to this, RMF metal structures are supplied not only throughout Ukraine, but also to the countries of the European Union.

Main elements of metal structures

RMF "Karpaty" produces various elements of metal structures. These elements are used to build complex industrial buildings, production and storage facilities, shopping and entertainment centers, fruit and vegetable stores.

List of metal elements:
• Columns, beams, crossbars, ties, half-timbers;
• welded I-beams with a cross section up to 1500 mm, incl. I-beams of variable cross-section;
• Crane tracks;
• Farms of different types, including from profile, round pipes, corners, channels;
• ПPlaygrounds, kosours, fences and railings of various types, including according to the European sample from round pipes (milled or flattened connections);
• Bunkers, funnels, silos for bulk materials .

Stages of metal-structure manufacture

A high level of quality is achieved, firstly, due to the experience and professionalism of workers and engineering staff of the plant, and secondly - the use of modern CNC metalworking equipment.


Input control of rolled metal

The control is carried out in order to prevent the launch into production of products that do not meet the requirements of the drawings KM and KMD. We check the availability of a certificate for metal - validity, batch number, melting number, chemical composition, mechanical properties, etc.


Procurement of parts according to detailed technological maps

RMF "Karpaty" is equipped with modern metalworking equipment of leading world brands, which allows you to make various parts with a high level of accuracy and keep the high bar of product quality.


Primary shot blasting of rolled metal from rolled scale and rust

Cleaning metal surfaces before processes such as welding or painting is a necessary production process that can significantly improve the quality of workpieces, remove all dirt, rust, scale and other components that may adversely affect the level of adhesion of the coating to the workpiece or the reliability of the weld connection.


Assembly of elements of a metalwork according to drawings of KMD

KMD drawings are developed in detail and in detail in factory design bureaus of RMF "Karpaty". Assembly is carried out by experienced specialists under the supervision of representatives of the technical control unit.



Poor quality welds are the main place of origin and development of cracks in structures. We have experienced employees with a high level of knowledge and skills in the field of welding technology. For welding we use world-class materials and equipment from industry leaders. This allows us to perform only high-quality welded work.


Final shot blasting of ready-made structures

Metal structures is the main subject to the destructive effects of corrosion. To avoid this, the final shot blasting is performed. The surface treated in this way remains clean and ready for further processing, which significantly increases the service time of parts.


Application of anticorrosive protection

Corrosion protection is designed to impart anti-corrosion properties to metal surfaces. That will protect any surface from corrosion, prolong the life of the structure, removing parts from repair, or complete replacement of the component.


Packing of metal structures and preparation for shipment

Packing of designs is carried out according to requirements of customers. Each design element is accompanied by a factory quality passport.