Tank containers

Our Tank Containers

We offer the following types of containers as a KTs-24.5 tank container for liquefied hydrocarbon gases, a KTsKh-22.5 tank container for bitumen and rosin, a KSG-45 container for bulk cargo and a KTsKh-24 tank container for CAS.

Container K-4556

Tank container KTs-24.3

Tank container KTsKh-22.5

Tank container KTsKh-24

Our production

We are the only enterprise in Ukraine

RMF "Karpaty" is the only enterprise in Ukraine that manufactures tank containers of many types, including their modernization and repair. Each container has a certificate of the Register of Shipping of Ukraine.

Why are our tank containers the best?

The high technological level of production, the real professionalism of our team and the experience of working in an international environment is our most important competitive advantage. We pride ourselves on setting the pace and setting a new industry standard for business and manufacturing technology.


State-of-the-art equipment

For the sale of products, our company uses the most modern equipment, advanced technologies and only high-quality materials. It is thanks to this approach that we manage to maintain a very high quality standard for our products.


Only qualified specialists

Our team is a close-knit team of highly qualified professional employees who ensure the high quality of our products. Our team has been formed over the years and continues to be replenished with new professionals, we are really proud of them


International quality standards

Our company was one of the first on the Ukrainian market to establish its production process in accordance with international quality standards. In addition to international quality standards, we also adhere to our own high requirements for production processes established in the company within its own Quality Management System, which operates internationally.


First-class level of service

Providing first-class service is one of the most important priorities in our company's development strategy. Thanks to efficient and forward-looking management, successful technical equipment of production facilities and, of course, well-coordinated work of the company's personnel, our customers are always satisfied.