Wagon Construction

Our Cars

RMF "Karpaty" has the largest dynamics of production growth and is one of the three leaders in freight car construction. At the same time, the Karpaty plant is the first enterprise in Ukraine to produce a grain truck with a volume of 120 m³.

Hopper 19-6869

Hopper 19-9951

Gondola car 12-9745

Hopper 19-9967

Platform car 13-9589

Covered car 11-9983

Tipper car 32-8525

Hopper car 19-9982

Our production

Branding of your cars

RMF "Karpaty" believes in the power of the brand. Creating a special corporate identity enhances the company's reputation and gives it a unique identity in a competitive market. Car branding is a means of recognizing your brand. Like human handwriting, it is your imprint on the rail market that you can forever associate in the minds of your audience with your company.

Why are our cars the best?

The ability to quickly reconfigure for new products sets us apart from others. We strive to be the best in all areas of our business in order to maintain a leading position in the railway industry. We are proud to set the pace and a new industry standard for business and production technology.


The most modern equipment

To sell products, our company uses the latest equipment, advanced technology and only quality materials. Thanks to this approach, we manage to maintain a very high standard of quality of our products.


Only qualified professionals

Our team is a close-knit team of highly qualified professionals who ensure high quality products. Our team has been formed over many years and continues to be replenished with new professionals, we are really proud of our team.


International quality standards

Our company was one of the first on the Ukrainian market to establish its production process in accordance with international quality standards. In addition to international quality standards, we also adhere to our own high requirements for production processes established in the company within its own Quality Management System, which operates internationally.


First-class level of service

Providing first-class service is one of the most important priorities in our company's development strategy. Thanks to efficient and far-sighted management, successful technical equipment of production facilities and, of course, coordinated work of the company's staff, our customers are always satisfied.