Manufacturing of capacities

Our capabilities

We produce tanks for industrial and domestic use, tanks for food, storage / transportation of petroleum products and fuel tanks. We offer the best options for ground and underground applications with optimal shapes, volumes and sizes of structures. We make horizontal and vertical options.

We produce containers of any complexity

The plant is certified in accordance with European standards EN 1090-2 «Technical requirements for steel structures» and ISO 3834-2 «Requirements for the quality of fusion welding of metallic materials». Due to this, DMZK metal structures are supplied not only throughout Ukraine, but also to the countries of the European Union.

Capacities Classification

Capacities are widely used at various types of enterprises. The simplest example of the use of tanks in an industrial enterprise - tanks for storage of oil and petroleum products, and tanks for storage of water are used in one form or another in all industrial enterprises without exception.

Depending on the raw material from which the containers are made, they are divided into: • • Metal;
• Reinforced concrete; • Earthen;
• Synthetic.

Focusing on the purpose, the tanks are divided into: • • Tanks for water,
• Storage of viscous substances,
• Settling tanks,
• Storage of petroleum products.

Types of produced capacities

Extensive production experience allows our company to manufacture tanks for various purposes serially and artificially, for storage of a wide range of food and current substances and components.


Apparatus with mixing devices

Designed for a variety of processes in liquid single-phase and multiphase media, available in volumes from 1 to 16 m³.


The tank is vertical steel

Designed for receiving and storing petroleum products, they are produced in a volume of 200 to 5000 m³.


Pressure tanks

Horizontal and vertical devices for receiving, storing and dispensing liquid and gaseous media, up to 100 m³, at a conditional pressure up to 1.6 MPa, made of carbon and corrosion-resistant steels. The devices can be both full-welded and detachable, can be used as settling tanks, and devices with a volume of 3 m³ are adapted for transportation by cars.


Tanks for storage and delivery of oil products

Tanks for storage and delivery of oil products for the complete set of gas stations. They have many types - steel, horizontal, ground and underground, with single and double shell, single and multi-section. Waterproofing of tanks is made of material like "Technoelast" (polymer modifier reinforced with polyester material), which guarantees electrical resistance up to 5000 V, water resistance at a pressure of 0.2 MPa (20 m water column), coating thickness 4.0-4.2 mm. The interbody space is filled with an inhibitor. Tanks can be delivered complete with technological wells and production of the technological equipment on a hatch cover according to drawings of the customer. After installation on the installation site the pneumatic test of the tank is carried out.