Our manufacture

Today the company owns a land plot with a total area of 20 hectares. There are 24 buildings and structures in this area. The plant operates its own power substation with a capacity of 35 kW and a network of access railways with a length of 5.7 km. Production capacity processes about 2.5 thousand tons of rolled metal, castings and components per month, and the number of staff is 800 people.


Metalwork workshop

A wide range of different medium and large metal structures is made on the equipment available in the workshop. RMF "Karpaty" specializes in the manufacture of structures for industrial and civil construction, bridge metal structures, non-standard metal structures, such as bunkers, funnels, silos for storage of bulk materials.


Wheel workshop

The wheel workshop of RMF "Karpaty" is equipped with the most modern equipment of market leaders. In the wheel shop there is a complete overhaul of the wheel pairs coming in repair with change of elements. Bearings for the wheel shop are being repaired in the roller department of the workshop.


Boiler workshop

Our boiler workshop is a production room in the structure of the enterprise, designed for the production of thermal energy, for heating, heat supply and production needs. The staff of the boiler workshop serves the boiler room and heating networks. That allows us to quickly resolve issues related to heat supply and not depend on external factors.


Car-building workshop

RMF "Karpaty" has the highest dynamics of production growth and is one of the three leaders in freight car construction. Our company has been in the car building market of Ukraine for more than 45 years. We currently produce 8 models of freight cars.


Laser workshop

High-power lasers are used on the production lines of the laser workshop. This allows you to process both fragile and easily deformable materials and materials made of hard alloys. Thanks to the laser workshop, high-speed cutting of sheet steel became possible, which in turn allows RMF "Karpaty" to increase production capacity.


Container workshop

RMF "Karpaty" is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which manufactures container tanks of many types, including their modernization and repair. Each container has a certificate of the Register of Shipping of Ukraine.


Painting workshop

The painting workshop is a specially equipped room in which the painter can easily and conveniently prepare paint, putty, glue, mastic, and also other materials thanks to which it is possible to carry out repair and painting works for any metalwork in the shortest possible time, without losing quality of painting.