About Us

RMF "Karpaty" is a modern Ukrainian car-building enterprise. The main activities are the construction of freight cars, repair of rolling stock, manufacture of container tanks, tanks, metal structures and AWP. The high technological level of production, the true professionalism of our team and experience in the international environment is the most important competitive advantage of the company.

The ability to quickly reconfigure to produce new products distinguishes our company among others. We are constantly evolving, trying to rationally use our resources.

Our production

Over the past 3 years, RMF "Karpaty" has proven itself in significant production achievements in the market. During this time, the company built and certified a wheel-roller shop, a section for the production of triangles, a section for repairing autocouplings and automatic transmissions, received a certificate for maintenance of freight cars with deviation depot and overhaul and overhaul with extended service life.


Wagons produced annually


Containers produced annually


Years on the market of car building in Ukraine


Employees work for the company today

We are committed to the idea of respect and decency, especially in relation to our employees, as well as to customers, partners and suppliers of the company. The reputation of our company is extremely important to us. We strive to be the best in all areas of our business in order to maintain a leading position in the railway industry. We are proud to set the pace and a new industry standard for business and production technology.

For a more detailed acquaintance with our company, we are glad to share our corporate video.