• Repair of railway carriages

    Carriage building

    Repair of railway carriages

  • Production of tank-containers


    Production of tank-containers

  • Construction of railway carriages

    Carriage building

    Construction of railway carriages

"Karpaty" Experimental Mechanical Plant

It is a modern machine-building enterprise, which has been producing competitive products for more than 30 years: chemical and mining machinery, pumping equipment, capacities and tanks for gas stations and transportation of oil products, autohydraulic hoists, spare parts to the chemical and mining equipment, as well as consumer goods. Technological equipment for the cement production using the dry method (piler, sidelong scraper, bridge scraper).
The enterprise is constantly improving the manufacturing technology and introducing new advanced products. The majority of plant production output is certificated in the UkrSEPRO system. We are now working on the implementation of the quality management system ISO:9000 series.

The enterprise has close contacts with the enterprises of mining, woodworking, metal-working, fuel and energy industries not only in Ukraine but also in the Russian Federation, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Denmark. "Karpaty" experimental-mechanical plant is a stable-working and reliable partner.Manufacturing and shipment of products is carried out operatively and in proper time.The enterprise sees its progress and success in the development of mutually beneficial partnerships. For today the plant cooperates with the enterprises of different industries in Ukraine and supplies them with its products:

  • food industry: reactors, capacities, coiled pipes, equipments for the production of dry yeasts, bioreactors, screw conveyers and others;
  • oil-processing industry: capacity equipment for gas station, tanks for storage of oil products with volume from 100 to 5000 м3, vertical apparatus with mixing devices.
  • fuel and energy system: inertia screens, rollers, spiral conveyors, conveyor belts, armor-bolts;
  • construction and other industries: autohydraulic hoists AHH- 18, АHH- 22, АHH- 28 with lifting height of the cradle 18m; 22m; 28m; sandblasters by volume of 150 and 350 litres.

The basic consumers of “Karpaty”EMP” are such enterprises as CJSC “Enzym”, OJSC “Lviv Brewery”, JSCCT “Lviv oil factory”, OJSC “Mykolayivcement”, OJSC “Podilskyy cement”, SE ”Ukrnaftogazkomplekt”, OJSC “Concern Galnaftogaz”, OJSC “Zhydachiv Pulp and Paper Mill", SE ”Lvivvugillya”, LLC “Krono-Ukrayina”.

High intellectual and professional level of enterprise workers, implementation of works by highly skilled specialists, effective quality control by X- ray flaw detection, ultrasonic and capillary diagnostics, which is conducted by the  personnel of the specialized laboratory of nondestructive testing, which is certified by "Ukrekspert" association, - is a guarantee of permanent perfection of technological processes, development of new types of products, strict quality control on all stages of production. The enterprise constantly increases production volumes, works on expansion of products nomenclature, improving its quality and reliability.

"Karpaty" experimental-mechanical plant is a stable-working and reliable partner!

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